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At the Evolve Us Foundation, we are working to bring people together and heal the wounds of our communities on a local, national, and international level. Where racism, discrimination, and prejudice have fostered distrust and fear, we are dedicated to bringing people together to make new allies, forge new relationships, and build a better future where the diversity among us is appreciated and celebrated.

We believe that our society is better when we stand strong together, rich in our cultural differences, showcasing that the many variations visible on the outside are a reflection of both shared needs and desires as well as the infinite variations of the human heart. These commonalities and differences exist both within and between different cultures, showing time and again, that we are all part of one shared humanity.

Whether the issue is race, ethnicity, nationality, religion, gender, sexual orientation, sexual identity, physical or mental differences of ability, language, physical size, or other cultural norms that seek to limit the lives of others, the Evolve Us Foundation wants to encourage all members of our global community to broaden their minds and their hearts. We cannot move forward as a society when we continue to cling to the mistakes of our past simply because we may be uncertain of the future. Instead, we must open our hearts, join our hands, and evolve.
I'm Not Racist Video

I'm Not Racist is the inaugural program of the Evolve Us Foundation. A media campaign including both photography and videography has captured the images, thoughts, and stories of men, women, children, and families from across the globe. While race is the main element of the piece, other cultural identity aspects come into play as these individuals share their experiences with us – and now you – in an effort to show that no matter who you are or where you come from, love can triumph over racism. Please take a moment and let your heart grow with us.
I'm Not Racist
I'm Not Racist is a media campaign dedicated to ending the discrimination and division of people along the lines of race and/or any other...

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