I'm Not Racist

The Evolve Us Foundation is pleased to announce the launch of its first program: the “I'm Not Racist” campaign.

Through the use of video and photography, an impressive collection of a cross-section of humanity has been captured sharing stories, thoughts, and goals regarding race, ethnicity, and nationality. As a professional photographer, Evolve Us Founder Peter Erasme has taken the opportunity to talk about these issues with countless men and women over the years. Of those who have demonstrated a clear commitment to living a life free of fear and prejudice, those who have chosen to celebrate and honor diversity, Peter has invited many to participate in this campaign (though it was then only an idea). Over the years, he has accumulated a massive collection showcasing that virtually any combination of race, ethnicity, nationality, age, gender, income level, and more can embrace love and fairness and proudly proclaim “I'm not racist.”

One of the many interesting developments throughout the life of this project has been the interviews Peter has had with many of these individuals. Some were raised to look at someone's character and not their skin while others were taught the opposite. Some grew up believing that certain groups – even those that were different from themselves – were okay but others were not. Some may have been hateful themselves and later found shame in their words and actions. For some who were taught that certain skin colors are better than others, the choice not to engage in prejudice or racism is a recurrent or ongoing part of their lives.

Through the “I'm Not Racist” campaign, people from all walks of life are able to demonstrate their commitment to freeing themselves from the bonds of racial oppression and allowing others to do the same. People are encouraged to make active decisions to pursue an open mind and open heart for those they come across in their lives, regardless of superficial differences. The campaign hopes to remind ourselves and each other that through education and a willingness to listen to others and learn of their experiences, cultural diversity can offer a richer, more fulfilling life for all of us.

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The EUF Resource Center

Currently in the making, the Evolve Us Foundation will be offering an emotionally safe and legally supportive resource center in New York City for people to come together. In this environment, like-minded individuals and groups can come together, exchange ideas, discuss issues, and work to eradicate stereotypes and bias and help build a more equitable future for all of humanity. The Resource Center will also form partnerships with legal providers and therapists who can provide services to those in need of such assistance with regard to racial, ethnic, and/or nationality discrimination. In conjunction with the Resource Center, monthly in-person and online forums will be held to provide further information for those in situations resulting from discrimination who may require moderation and/or guidance in healing from their experiences. Visitors and volunteers at the EUF Resource Center will also have the opportunity to participate in future photography and video documentaries and campaigns (if they desire) which will be distributed online and elsewhere with an overall purpose to stop discrimination and support the vision of the Evolve Us Foundation.

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Emerging Projects

The Evolve Us Foundation is developing new programs and services right now. While we have many future endeavors planned, we are ensuring that each program element is developed to its utmost potential, requiring a tremendous investment of time. Please check back with us, get involved, and/or follow us on social media to keep up with our latest announcements and developments!

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