Want to get involved with the Evolve Us Foundation? There are several ways and they are all vital for the success of the Foundation and its mission to promote equality and empowerment throughout humanity.

Give time

Volunteers are often at the heart of almost any successful nonprofit organization and with something as truly alive and growing as the Evolve Us Foundation, we definitely appreciate the hard work and dedication our volunteers give us. The most important quality we look for in anyone who works with us is a commitment to building a more positive and loving community free of oppression and discrimination.

We are currently interviewing for volunteers for a wide range of positions. With our 'I'm Not Racist' campaign and amid the planning of the EUF Resource Center, there is a lot happening in our organization right now and we need help we can count on! We recognize that everyone has limited time and that we want to encourage individuals from around the world to get involved so we are completely comfortable considering volunteers of all kinds – local, online, part-time, full-time, professional, student, and so on. We believe that each individual offers a unique set of skills and gifts to the world and we are open to learning what you have to offer. Contact us to give time.

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Give items or services

Your donations of items or services are also tax-deductible and appreciated. Our needs for physical items or services include refreshments for monthly meetings at the EUF Resource Center, t-shirts, flyers, and brochures for marketing and raising awareness, advertising space, webinar capacity and set-up, photo printing, and online/virtual reference materials such as books, maps, and more for the Resource Center are very helpful. As we grow our needs will evolve along with us, so please check back often and let us know if you have a good idea for something you would like to give! Contact us to give items or services.

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Give money

As a 501c3 nonprofit organization, your donations to EUF are tax-deductible and very much needed and appreciated! Money given helps us raise awareness about the real implications – on a personal and societal level – of racism and other forms of prejudice and discrimination. It helps advocate and educate in a positive, affirming method with a goal of raising compassion and understanding across cultures.

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At this time Evolve Us Foundation is not accepting applications for paid staff positions. We also do not currently have an established intern program but may consider one in the future.

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